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Who We Are?

Sahafi Family Builds In Malibu

Mehrdad Sahafi and Rosie Sahafi are the power couple and principals behind Malibu Design Associates, Inc., Malibu General Contractors, Inc. and Malibu Land Company. These companies have been successfully designing and developing estates for more than 30 years exclusively in Malibu. The couple develops luxury estates for their own family and for many high-net-worth and successful clients in the world.

Mehrdad Sahafi finished his academic education in the discipline of architecture in 1985 with honors from California State Polytechnic University Pomona.

After graduating and gaining a few years of architectural field experience, they went on to establish Malibu Design Associates, Inc. in Malibu in 1988. They gradually became experienced in this field and used their expertise and creativity to design single-family estates in the tough yet beautiful environ of Malibu. They started landing big contracts for complicated and large estates due to the demand that was associated with the city and its attractiveness to celebrities and wealthy clientele.

In 1995, they established Malibu General Contractors, Inc. They did this primarily because contractors who built their designs did not carry on their vision of creating flawless masterpieces. They were adamant on having aesthetic control over projects they designed, from start to finish. Establishing Malibu General Contractors, Inc. was their answer to this dilemma. Since the inception of Malibu Design Associates, Inc. and Malibu General Contractors, Inc., Sahafis’ estates and developments have won design acclaim and have graced the covers of magazines. Their unique brand of design, attention to detail and unconventional approach make their estates one-of-a-kind and the talk-of-the-town. Because of this, any project associated with the Sahafis and their three reputable companies are bound to demand a higher premium.

The Sahafis have a 30-year track record of flawless and impeccable business by producing architectural masterpieces and construction projects exclusively in Malibu and the Pacific Northwest. Their great business associations with Malibu Chamber of Commerce, Better Business Bureau (A+ rated), Western Regional Master Builders Association, Dun & Bradstreet, and Contractors State Licensing Board provide further testimony to their success. In 2003, Sahafi was chosen to be “Business Man of the Year” from Malibu by the U.S. Congress Business Advisory Council.

In 2008, the couple started their Malibu vacation rental business, which initially involved two estates they had designed and built for themselves. They subsequently built two more villas in Seattle, Washington. In the past 10 years, they have accumulated 54 “five stars” from industry leader Home Away. These estates are vacation grounds for repeat celebrity and high-net-worth clients. These villas include: